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About Us

About Us

We are asset managers with global strategic alliance but focused on Nigeria and Africa economies.

Tripplea Investments & Trust Company Limited trades as Tripplea Capital and is a member of the Tripplea Group International.


To create value and wealth for our stakeholders.


Be a top 10 African Investment House in terms of impact and returns by 2025.

Areas of Focus

  • Real Estate, Construction & Engineering

  • Media, Education, Energy & Services

  • Technologies & Telecoms

  • Food & Agriculture

  • Financial Services

  • Health & Wellness

  • Retail

Investment Strategy

Our team identifies ideas and opportunities and unlock full potential of companies. We are committed throughout our investment, ensuring deep knowledge of the company and its marketplace, strong relationships, continuity, and a personal stake in the success of the investment.

We exit investments after achieving shared goals for growth and value. Our investment strategy and approach seeks to produce long-term successes.

We build and work together with each company’s management team to execute the investment strategy and plan. We seek to grow companies organically (and sometimes vertically through M&A) via new products, expanding markets by adding channels, enhancing operations and improving processes.

We also invest in other complimentary PE funds and growth organizations with great potentials.

Products and Services

Mezzanine Capital

Mezzanine capital is any subordinated debt or preferred equity instrument that represents a claim on a company's assets which is senior only to that of the common shares. Mezzanine financings can be structured either as debt (typically an unsecured and subordinated note) or preferred stock.

Mezzanine capital is often a more expensive financing source for a company than secured debt or senior debt. The higher cost of capital associated with mezzanine financings is the result of its being an unsecured, subordinated (or junior) obligation in a company's capital structure (i.e., in the event of default, the mezzanine financing is only repaid after all senior obligations have been satisfied).

Additionally, mezzanine financings, which are usually private placements, are often used by smaller companies and may involve greater overall levels of leverage than issues in the high-yield market; they thus involve additional risk. In compensation for the increased risk, mezzanine debt holders require a higher return for their investment than secured or more senior lenders.

Private Equity.

We raise private equity funds for investments in new or existing portfolio companies based on defined investment strategies, acquiring a controlling or substantial minority position in each investee company and then look to maximize the value of that investment.


When it comes to running and growing a successful business, debt can be a healthy and helpful way to finance operations and new expenditures. The key is to take on the amount and type of debt that’s right for your business’ goals at a given point in time. Each organisation or business requires the right combination of Private Equity, Mezzanine Capital and Debt.

This combination is referred to as a company’s capital structure, which is arguably one of its most important choices. From a technical perspective, the capital structure is defined as the careful balance between equity and debt that a business uses to finance its assets, day-to-day operations, and future growth.

From a tactical perspective, it influences everything from your firm’s risk profile, how easy it is to get funding, how expensive that funding is, the return its investors and lenders expect, and how insulated your company is from both microeconomic business decisions and macroeconomic downturns.






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